Biometric Time & Attendance

The importance of effective Workforce Management

Many tedious manual tasks are done daily, from roll call attendance to capturing information on various duties given to people in different departments or teams in your business. Estimating productivity, producing reports and calculating results. This all takes time.

eziWork Solutions Workforce Management” solution allows you to consolidate all your data and information in one place, saving you and your team hours spent on repetitive weekly and monthly data entry tasks. Consolidating your workforce attendance with eziWork Solutions also allows you to cut down the dependence on paper work, which often gets lost and misplaced causing unforeseen complications and impediments to your overall operations and efficiency.

Our digital and mobile “Workforce Management” solution allows your team leaders to capture attendance remotely, wherever they are. This allows your admin staff to avoid errors and miscommunications which can cost your business hours of wasted time, resources and money.

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