"biometric time management and fuel monitoring systems"

 Biometric Time Management.

Technology has changed many aspects of how companies approach workforce management in their respective environments. Biometrics has become “by far” the most effective method. Our system has been developed to incorporate Iris recognition  to identify individuals based on unique patterns within the ring-shaped region surrounding the pupil of the eye.

Fuel Monitoring System.

With the ongoing theft and fraudulent activities, monitoring of fuel usage has become vitally important in the day to day running costs of any business. Our system is able to alert clients of such activities, providing visual location, exact time and quantity stolen. The system also caters for live vehicle tracking and route monitoring.


Our Biometric solution and Fuel monitoring systems can be used effectively across most Industries to provide “peace of mind”  and knowing at all times that you have total control over your workforce, as well as effectively managing fuel thefts and costs.

Agriculture          Forestry & Fisheries          Construction           Security          Education          Petroleum          and more…..