Fuel Management & Vehicle Tracking System

Fuel Management

With ongoing and ever increasing fuel theft, it has become vitally important to monitor fuel usage, have access to this information and take decisive action.

Our system caters for all types of vehicles across various sectors such as Forestry,  Agriculture, Construction and more, with access to information via Desktop and Mobile.

We have a solution that will keep you informed of all fuel movement from bulk storage tanks to mobile storage units to vehicles, as well as alert you of excessive fuel usage or when fuel theft is detected.

Vehicle Tracking

In addition to our fuel monitoring system we offer a vehicle tracking platform to monitor times, routes and locations.

With access to visual tracking and reporting via Desktop and Mobile, the system allows you (the client) to extract information and create reports on demand.

Monitor vehicle stops and parking times, when vehicles are leaving and arriving at destinations, receive alerts when exiting or entering Geo-fences.