“the “eziWork Solutionsstory…..

In 2016 the eziWorkForce” idea was born in an agricultural environment in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, specifically related to diverse operations from forestry and sugar cane to various types of crop farming.

In this type of environment, workforce tracking and attendance is often a challenge and difficult to monitor. However, crucial to efficient production and financial management.

It became apparent that the manual attendance records did not necessarily mean that all workers were present during that period. Loopholes in a manual system are easily identified and used, resulting in production and financial loss.

Various available biometric systems on the market were researched to find a suitable solution. 

Iris recognition was the most reliable option, With our vision on an easy to use inexpensive cloud based system, we were able to obtain excellent assistance and advise, from both local and international experts, and the idea became the reality.

However, during the past three years we realized that our system would work across various platforms and subsequently formed the company “eziWork Solutions”

The company “eziWork Solutions is based in Hillcrest, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, our cloud based time and attendance system caters for most industries such as Agriculture, Forestry, Petroleum, Security and many more to come.

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